goals for august


Here's what I've done so far (since this is going up in week 2!)

  • Finished knitting my first design--the double brim moss stitch right over there!  I'm so excited to be making some real progress on this design because I've been wanting to do this for so long.  Now I just have to fix a couple of mistakes and it will be good to go!
  • Started an internship with Hello Hydrangea working on graphic design and marketing.  It's only been one day so far, but we had a group video chat last night, and I think it's going to be a really great experience.  I'm positive I'm going to learn a ton!
  • Started looking into tax laws and what it would take to actually make this a small business that sells things! (legally!) It takes a lot more legal know-how than I thought it would.  I'm going to need to learn a lot more before I can actually get set up to sell anything.

Okay now here's what I want/need to get done in August:

  • Finish my Dusk Flip Jumper.  I've been working on this for AGES and I just need to get it done!
  • Write up the pattern for my hat.  I'm making a second one right now following the instructions in my notes.  Once that's done and I'm sure there aren't any (glaring) mistakes, I can write it up and get it out to testers!  Make sure to sign up to be on my pattern test email list if you want to know when I open the call for testers!
  • Come up with a theme for naming my patterns.  I would love for them to all have a common theme.  Some ideas I have so far are: theater jargon/puns based on titles of plays, Italian words related to what the pattern actually is (I speak Italian, by the way!), or types of plants.  I'm not sure any of those are winners, though, and am open to suggestions!
  • Finish test knits for Christine from @sere_k_nity and Meg from @rits.knits.  Both of these projects are fun to work on and they should both be done by this Saturday!
  • Get off of sleeve island for My Beginner Raglan.  I love this sweater so much and I can't wait to wear it, but that means I have to finish the sleeves first!
  • Figure out a better way to edit my photos.  Currently I use VSCO, which I like a lot, but I recently invested (after years of making excuses) in getting photoshop and lightroom on my personal computer and I want to start using those instead!

What are you working on this month?  Do you have any ideas for pattern name themes?  How have you come up with names for your patterns?