welcome to the blog!


Welcome to the winrose craft blog!  I'm excited to start sharing a little more here about my projects, goals, challenges, and general progress in growing winrose to be something I'm proud of.  Recently I shared a "Meet the Maker" post on Instagram and met so many awesome people, which really got me excited about being more involved in this maker community.  That means I need to put real effort into introducing myself, seeking out opportunities for collaboration, finishing my first pattern, and having fun!  I want this website to function as a kind of portfolio and journal--documenting my progress and making sure I'm having fun along the way! 

Here's what I shared in my "Meet the Maker," in case you missed it!

1. I live just outside Washington, D.C., am 23, and have degrees in English Literature and Theater, Film, and Media Studies. 
2. My mom taught me to knit when I was around 12, but put it down for years until senior year of college when I needed something to take my mind off of how stressed I was! ⠀
3. I also love houseplants and small space gardening. I co-run a plant insta (and blog kinda) @theleaflit
4. I love black coffee and red wine and if I could live off of them exclusively, I would.⠀

Of course there's more to me and my maker journey than these four "icebreaker" facts--I can't wait to share with you as winrose grows!

Windy Vorwick